War with reapers!

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War with reapers!

Post  Kaimlictt on Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:40 pm

Currently for all those who know or don't know, we are at war with Reapers, Here is the following information on some of their members, remember to attack frequently and give them no quarter.

1)Manofwar - (400,403) - battle27.evony.com/default.html?logfile/00/8a/ef/9a/008aef9a1e34dba3355d89d283f90dcb.xml
(399,403) - battle27.evony.com/default.html?logfile/fe/b6/96/6a/feb6966a45eec170d7f729c9917a331f.xml

2)Xploiter - (400, 409) - battle27.evony.com/default.html?logfile/00/8a/ef/9a/008aef9a1e34dba3355d89d283f90dcb.xml

3)Ceilic - (498,395) - battle27.evony.com/default.html?logfile/99/85/0b/0c/99850b0ce60ed3f3d67656231d8e538d.xml

4)Niribu - (398,428) - battle27.evony.com/default.html?logfile/b8/2e/91/5a/b82e915a7f77ccf2f9947f58053a1cfc.xml
(408,426) - battle27.evony.com/default.html?logfile/98/83/3b/a2/98833ba2586d99fbddd4bbfdf545f0b3.xml

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