A Guide To Mayors

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A Guide To Mayors

Post  Arken on Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:20 am

These are the attributes of a mayor that affect governing a city.

Politics: When a Mayor is appointed his Politics level decreases building time and makes your resource collection faster.

Attack: When a Mayor is appointed his Attack level lowers the time it takes to train troops. The higher level Attack, the faster your troops will be trained. The Mayor’s Attack level also helps fortify your city when you are under attack.

Intelligence: When a Mayor is appointed his Intelligence lowers the time it takes to research technology. In addition, if you send a hero with a scouting party, it will reveal more information if it has high Intelligence.

*Note; you're able to switch mayors to gain the effects of each mayor. Example: I start a construction with a 200 politics mayor and then switch to an attack orientated mayor though I'll still earn the bonus from the initial political mayor to the construction building.



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