To prepare in case of War

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To prepare in case of War

Post  Kaimlictt on Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:41 pm

1)Try to upgrade embassy to level 3, to allow at least 3 garrisons of troops to be able to reinforce you.
Make sure the "Allow allied troops to be garrisoned in your current city" is ticked/checked.

2)Make sure your gates are always OPEN. To be sure it's open, click on your rally point and make sure the "open gates to fight" box is ticked/checked.

3)Defence before offence. Try your best to get as many archers towers, and boost your archery skill.

4)Be attentive. Know who scouted you and why he/she/it keeps scouting you. Inform your alliance and ask for advice on what to do, and/or request for help.

5)IF the enemy is too strong, use a truce, the mainpoint is you survive to fight for another day.

Cheese's note: walls increase range, combined with archers and archer towers your defence is impeccable

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