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Kekros The Supporter

Post  Kekros on Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:02 pm

Ok, Hi i'm Kekros, The Supporter. Been playing Evony maybe 3 weeks between 2 servers 22 and 27, and might expand to the next newest. Coords to my cities are 478,380 (resources and most troops not near hub) 449,488 (in the hub) If you need help just ask i'll try to support you in some way.

Experience wise i've played OGame, Ikariam, etc so these games come easy to me. Very enjoyable for dial up games. Totaly like the Blizzard Games, Dawn Of War, C&C, IJJI's Gunbound, Oblivion, and mostly anything that can keep me entertained as I tend to play to have fun. I make good support for others online since I usualy pic classes/races that compliment my low upkeep.

On the personal side i'm trying to join the Air Force, though it's going rather slow. 21 Years old, Pro Mage. Like Necro I was a gamer most of my life, Nes to Sega Genesis, then to N64 and Playstation systems, Not the bigest fan of Xbox though. Started Pc games 3 years ago when I got my comp (though its rather shitty on dial up). Do you want to more?
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Re: Kekros The Supporter

Post  Arausio on Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:13 pm

I appreciate all the help you've given me so far. You're a real asset to the alliance.

Thanks, man.
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