Alliance Rules *Subject to change*

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Alliance Rules *Subject to change*

Post  Arken on Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:51 pm

Alliance Rules

Our alliance rules, follow them and you wont have any trouble with the leaders of the alliance.

*Note. These rules are subject to change. When changed an alliance mail will be sent out informing those of the new changes.

Since Kronos is now a strong alliance we're only looking for people that have 15,000 prestige or higher as we plan to be a dominant alliance in the state of Romagna. Now at the moment 15,000 is quite low though as the game develops we'll be increasing this limit so the rules are subject to change in the coming future. Leniency will be shown to friends of current alliance members that want to join the alliance. *Note in the coming future a sister alliance marked Kronos II will be set up for those of a low prestige.

Taking into consideration the fact members may retire from the game without leaving notice any player that's inactive for longer then 7 days and does not inform a Vice-Host or Presbyter they will be subject to removal from the alliance. They will be able to join the alliance once more if there is a spare space and at the discretion of the leaders. *Note if you are to be absent you can leave a message in the inactivity sub-forum on these forums alternatively instead of mailing a leader.

The willingness to teleport to Romagna is necessary if you're to be part of this alliance seeing as our main base of operations is situated in Romagna. Our Hub location is in the area surrounding 447,479 so it's ideal that your cities are in a 50 mile vacinity aroun the hub. It's not necessary for you to move your main to the hub though as long as it's in Romagna it will be alright.

Player Etiquette
A decent level of courtesy should be upholded while communicating in the alliance. Show your fellow members the courtesy they deserve and avoid getting into fights/conflict as much as possible. If a member is being rude to you, ignore them or talk to a staff member and get it resolved. Respect your higher ranking alliance members they are your superiors... period. However if mistreated you can then report directly to me, I'll do whatever I need to do to solve this issue.

Last but not least the use of profanities, they are indeed allowed, and you can use it anywhere. However it is highly frowned upon so please control your language. There is also a large distinction between saying "That's fucking awesome!" and "Fuck you!" - remember to be courteous at all times.

Update List wrote:07/19/2009 - Prestige requirement raised to 15,000.
07/21/2009 - Inactivity period raised to 7 days.
08/06/2009 - Prestige requirement raised to 40,000.

Your Vice-Host,




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