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Introduction Rules

Post  Arken on Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:23 pm


Due to the abundance of spammed introductions on various other forums, I'd like to stop the trolling with a few simple introductory elements. Please read this as a guide to introducing yourself to the Kronos community.

If you want to create an introduction for yourself to try and get to know some of the Kronos members, try to include some relevant information to do with your current Evony status eg. coordinates, how long you've played for etc.. it would be remotely useful if and when other community members try finding you in the zone. This information could be your grounds to creating new links within the alliance. I seriously don’t see the point coming here and starting a thread that says something along the lines of "yeah hi, I'm a noob. =)"

This really says nothing about you at all. What would be much better is to post how long you've been playing Evony for and perhaps why you joined etc. If you want you could also include information about yourself such as your name, age, location, your taste in music, interests in sports, academia, any other hobbies you might be involved with and/or your job status i.e. student, working, or full time pro-gamer.

Providing such information would hopefully prevent the spam of "hi" posts that generally fill most introduction sub-forums. Instead you could perhaps be found by a group of people with the same interests and might find your time on Evony to be much more enjoyable.

That being said, here are a few logically founded ideas:

1. Do NOT create threads that are just spam (such as broadcasting to the world that you are a noob). You do not need to include all the fields I have mentioned but a few would make an ample introduction, the rest is at your discretion.

2. Do NOT reply to a thread with "hi" or continuously scroll through this subforum to find users that have introduced themselves and say hi to them. Please take the time to consider that if this person has gone through the process of providing a detailed introduction, that you delight them with a heart-filled reply and make them feel welcome to Kronos. Saying "hi" and then abandoning the thread gives off a negative image of you as a player and is considered spamming. Please refrain from spamming.

I guess I'll include my introduction to kick this off!

Hi I'm Arken, I've some-what been here since the beginning of server 27 and you can generally find me on Evony either on server 27 or server 19 (Also known as Arken there). Besides from playing Evony I play Counter-Strike quite a lot and play Warcraft on occasion. When I'm not playing games I'm usually at work, relaxing or ten pin bowling.

As for music I like techno, classical and most main-stream music, I’m currently in my gap year working part-time as I graduated last year and intend to join the canine division in the police force next year. I’m to turn 18 as of September and currently live in Perth, Western Australia. My personality… I suppose I’m hmm yeah I suppose you'll need to get to know me.

(Note* Try and follow the rules and set a good example of yourself.)

Your Vice-Host,




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