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General Discussion Rules

Post  Arken on Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:32 pm


Regardless as to whether or not this sub-forum is off topic or not there will be rules that need to be followed as such with any other forum/sub-forum. In accordance with the new rules the following breaches will result in warnings and for more severe cases, bans from the forum. The length of these bans is up to the discretion of the staff. Remember that the forums are here to both help you and to entertain those stricken with boredom.

The following will result in warnings/bans from the forum:

* No Spam messages. [e.g. a single 'lol' or something]
* No pornographic materials. This includes links to pornographic sites, even if it's meant to be a 'joke'.
* No pictures that are in bad taste i.e. pictures of the dead, human or animal cruelty, abuse etc.
* No excessive flaming.
* No pyramid quoting (i.e quote a big post)
* No racism.
* No flaming of other's religions or beliefs. Please try and keep those thoughts to yourself.
* No starting up a new topic when a staff member has locked a pre-existing one.
* No inappropriate signatures/avartars. This includes oversized signatures, pornographic images, flaming of others/staff, or if it's considered inappropriate by staff.
* You cannot have the same signature to that of a staff member. (If you're desperately in need of a signature perhaps request one in the entertainment section instead of using one of ours.

If you have any concerns, then please contact any of the administrators or moderators, most queries will generally be handled on the day.

The leaders of Kronos would like to thank you for observing theses rules.

Your vice-host,




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